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Recent Success Stories



Jenny Zarka took her client's Terroristic Threat case to trial.  The jury came back within 10 minutes with a NOT GUILTY!!!

Speedy Trial Dismissal

Jenny Zarka filed several motions in her client's DWI 2nd case.  She held the state accountable by requiring blood evidence by having motions ruled on by the judge.  She was then able to get the case DISMISSED due to a lack of the Constitutional right to a speedy trial!!!

Assault Family Violence 2nd Felony- DISMISSED!

Jenny Zarka was able to get her client's Assault Family Violence 2nd FELONY case DISMISSED on the day of trial!

Child Support Obligation REDUCED!

Caitlin Bennett went to bat for her client.  She conducted a brilliant hearing and the judge reduced the client's obligation to LESS THAN GUIDELINES for the child support amount!

Aggravated Assault With a Deadly Weapon- NOT GUILTY verdict!!!

Matthew Allen and Caitlin Bennett took their client's aggravated assault with a deadly weapon case to trial.  The jury listened to all of the evidence and returned a NOT GUILTY verdict preserving their client's clean record!!!

Possession of a Controlled Substance- DISMISSED!

Jenny Zarka worked very hard to get 2 different clients' Possession of a Controlled Substance cases DISMISSED!  One was on the day of trial- the other was before the case was even set for trial!