Recent Successes

Winning for our clients!

Jenny Zarka and Matthew Allen took their juvenile client’s case to trial and secured a NOT TRUE (NOT GUILTY) verdict. The client had been accused of sexual assault.

Matthew Allen worked a 1st degree felony (aggravated robbery) case up for trial. The client was facing life in prison. Matthew prepared, announced “ready” for trial, and the state promptly reduced the offense to a misdemeanor and the client received time served!

Caitlin Bennett helped her client regain custody of his children.

Caitlin Bennett watched her client's case closely and brought a motion before the court in Bee County to have the case DISMISSED!

Jenny Zarka got her client's Unlawful Carry of a Weapon case dismissed by bringing important information to the attention of the prosecutors.

Jennifer Zarka got her client's Assault Bodily Injury- Married case dismissed on the day of trial after holding a hearing to suppress statements from officers and medical providers.

Motion for New Trial Granted

Jenny Zarka had a Possession of a Controlled Substance case DISMISSED on the day of trial!

Matthew Allen got his client's DWI case dismissed on the day of trial.

Jenny Zarka had the Court appoint an investigator for her client who was accused of Obtaining Drugs by Fraud.  The evidence was presented to the State and they dismissed the charges.

Jenny Zarka helped her client get an assault family violence case DISMISSED after doing a thorough investigation and showing the evidence to the prosecutors!